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Tom sings and plays piano, keyboard synthesizers, chromatic harmonica:  I play the Hohner Super 64/64X chromonicas, Lee Oskar diatonic and altered tuning harmonicas.  I really enjoy meshing piano with synthesizer stylings. Lately I am really into interchanging bass for lead positions, it opens up a completely new world of soundscapes.

My 2020 New Album!… Mindsweeper , with 20 new original recordings….see 2020 NEW RELEASE page for latest details and updates!



2019: NEW ALBUM IN ME….13 new original recordings….see NEW RELEASE 2019 page for latest details and updates!



2017:  NEW ALBUM SAGUARIUM12 new original recordings….see NEW RELEASE 2017 page for latest details and updates!


I originally recorded these solo over 20 years ago. Just me, my upright pianos, harmonicas, and a couple microphones. Clung to the tapes throughout all my travels since then. They captured the moments, I call them my piano rolls!

I miss those big upright pianos I used back then, each key had its own personality, thick acoustics, they sure shook the walls with love. Maybe someone might endear these tunes with their own styling and inspiration – sharing can be a good thing.

I hope you enjoy a few of the full length selections below, oh they’re not digitally crisp or super polished, but hopefully will still warm you up a bit.

CDs/Digitals are available.


Regal Nights

For awhile I played in a tavern in the Steel City, where a stranger or two would wander in for a cool one and a song. These first songs of mine were written during those tavern times.

Strolling / Cross My Way / Subject To Change / Trouble Is / Mixed Signals / Back Of My Mind / Blue Or White / She’s The One / Am I Coming Across / Just A Little / This Town / George Just Can’t Decide

© 1995 Tom Lemczyk. All Rights Reserved.

Back Of My Mind


Blue Or White


George Just Can’t Decide



Used To Be Enough

These songs were written while I lived on the shore of a great big lake. Just me, four thin walls, instruments, a few steps from the water, waves throughout the night…

You And I / Used To Be Enough / The Same Things / You Don’t Know What It’s Like / Another Time / Your Love / Sidestep Me Blues / Moonlight / Lament / 5 AM / Pull Through / Tomorrow

© 1995 Tom Lemczyk. All Rights Reserved.

You And I

Used To Be Enough


Another Time



Real Soon

I remember jogging in winter at the lake where I was recording, along the pier at the drawbridge, it was completely covered in ice, slipping, blustering winds, icy waves spraying me as I ran preoccupied with songs in my head, crazy!  In hindsight, the instrumental forays started on Used To Be Enough and here on Real Soon really continued to build inside me.

Ode To Jelly / Easy Things / Its Time / There And Back / Real Soon / Can’t Settle Down / UV Glasses / The Way You’re Set / Its Crazy / Burden Heavy / Stomp / Take It Slow

© 1995 Tom Lemczyk. All Rights Reserved.

Ode To Jelly

There And Back

Burden Heavy


Songs & Sounds (2 CDs)

These were the last recordings back then, stretching non-standard chords all over the place, rarely heard but they’re so pretty. More pure chromatic phrasing.  I’d sit for hours playing the same thing then just take off on another beckoning set of keys and notes, somehow made them all fit together. A tape of songs and one of instrumentals, with peaks and sideroads and all the things you wished you could be…

Songs (with lyrics)

No Answers / Still In Love / Favourite / You’ll Never Know / Any Closer / Going The Other Way / Bull In A China Shop / Jude’s Men / New Orleans Rain


Stronger After / Turbine / Swirling Dervishes / Not Much Difference / 3 In 1 / Those Days / Don’t Wanna Know / Colours Of You / Picture Keeps Changin / All In Your Head / Whatever Trickles Down / Lighten Up / After Hours People

© 1996 Tom Lemczyk. All Rights Reserved.

No Answers

Still In Love

Jude’s Men

Those Days

Whatever Trickles Down


After Hours People

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