New Album Release 2019


In Me….my latest NEW ALBUM!!!

In Me / Just Love / One Me One You / Mood For You / Decide / Beautiful
Unusual / Bassix /  By Now / Playground / I’ll Teach You / Thanks Henry / Little Steps / Sweet Dreams Waltz

© 2019 Tom Lemczyk.  All Rights Reserved.

Limited Edition Release 2019.

All music composed, recorded and performed by Tom Lemczyk.

Digital music and CDs are available for purchase on ! 

Online streaming can be found at various music sites!

Also check out  (Track of the Day Nov 11/2020 “Thanks Henry” from the album In Me) !

Sample short sound bytes of all 13 new originals ….hope you enjoy! 

Songs with lyrics: Just Love, Decide, By Now.

In Me:

Just Love:

One Me One You:

Mood For You:


Beautiful Unusual:


By Now:


I’ll Teach You:

Thanks Henry:

Little Steps:

Sweet Dreams Waltz:



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