New Album Release 2020


My latest new 2-CD album for 2020!

Mindsweeper is a recalibration for me, taking my initial recordings completely undeliberated, at face value. I found myself playing arbitrarily more and more often, on piano or chromatic harmonica, and so why not just record these, whatever they are, just leave them alone from the very beginning, for the unstructured art they convey! And so I did, over the better part of a year, just recorded as I first started to play and just let the music take me anywhere at all until I felt like concluding.  I think the music comes across wonderfully using this arbitrary approach, and I hope you enjoy these new original   spontaneous offerings! -Tom Lemczyk, March 2020.

Vol. 1: Lets Begin With / Sudden Stops / You Will Know / Mindsweeper / We Be / Walk The Ground / Try / Serve Food / Cholla Stroll / Watched You Grow

Vol.2: Its Always On /  We All Moved Away / If We Could Go Back / Untether / Four Views / Just Two / Scientists Say / Lets Have Fun / Just Wanna Get There / Many Steps

© 2020 Tom Lemczyk.  All Rights Reserved.

Limited Edition Release 2020.

All music composed, performed and recorded by Tom Lemczyk.

Digital music and CDs are available for purchase on ! 

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