New Album Release 2017

SAGUARIUM ….my latest NEW ALBUM!!!

This was inspired from living in the Southwest US desert the last number of years, taking in wide vistas and appreciating some of the wonderment ancient dwellers and travellers must have experienced. When you live somewhere for awhile, and all your experiences and memories and visuals build up inside, everything on Saguarium just seemed to flow out so naturally from that source.

Saguarium.intro / Dancepelli / Superstitions / Alt Route / Tumbleweed / Long Ride / Saguarium / So Can You / Rumor Wash / Nobody Seems To Know / When April / Help Ever

© 2017 Tom Lemczyk.  All Rights Reserved.

Limited Edition Release 2017.

All music composed, recorded and performed by Tom Lemczyk.

Digital music and CDs are available for purchase on!

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